Re: Glecstasy: Launching the new app for our beloved community! : Stories reimagined!


There are two reasons why this would fall under the lebel of spam for me.

1. He doesn't come out and tell you that these stories are porn. Like
many spam messages the messages point to it being for something else
than what you'll really get when you click on the link whether it's an
attachment or a link to a web site. It's a hidden and conniving way to
expose you to something else than what you were expecting.

2. There is no actual identification of the person who is sending the
message. I believe that it was on this list or another that he claimed
to be the programmer behind a popular Android App which was disproved
by the actual author of that app.

So if this was an actual "good for you" app" I believe the person
would have been more forthcoming with factual information and honesty
with no attempt at guile.

Why was is message on this list anyway? This is a general tech list,
not an Android list. It's akin to someone sending and advertisement to
sell something on this list instead of to a buy, sell, or trade list.

My conclusion: downloader beware.


On 10/9/17, Donna <> wrote:
Will this app become available for Apple users? What is the genre of the


On Oct 9, 2017, at 2:36 AM, Akash Kakkar <> wrote:

Noone should portray him/herself as the developer of Audex. I'm the
only person who's working on this app, and will keep developing alone
in the future as well

On 10/9/17, gatak singh <> wrote:
I think this guy, glorious, is some sort of spam. earlier, he was
portraying himself as a developper of audex. now he says that his
group has written over a billion of stories. hahaha. what a joke. and,
what stops you for a month from pushing the app to play store? there
are so many questions raised on the othenticity of the app. so I would
stay away until it's available on play store. and would recommend the
same to others as well.

On 10/7/17, Glorious Ecstasy <> wrote:
Glorious Ecstasy team is very glad to announce their new app for
This app will change the landscape of the stories forever!
With this app, you can read billions of stories just at your
fingertips by using your shiny device!
Also, the app is completely accessible and it has been developed for
our visually impaired community exclusively!
There are lots of categories, lots of stories, and lots of wonders in
Glecstasy has many amazing features (Please keep reading for the
The app is highly recommended for the people who feel that they are
very romantic and glorious!
This app will make you imagine the world in a whole new way.
The app link is provided below, and soon it will be published to the
playstore also.
Please download the app from this link:
You can launch the tutorial from the app, and alternatively the
complete description and tutorial has been provided below for the
quick reference and greater understanding:
Glecstasy is an app which provides you the ability to make yourself
happy and satisfied by your own.
It allows you to read more than a billion stories on your fingertips.
That too without any cost.
When you open the app, initial screen displaies which contains nearely
100 stories. These 100-101 stories gets loaded in a phased manner.
On the top left corner, there's a button which will expose many story
categories for you to explore.
On the top right corner, the menu button is there which contains this
tutorial and app description.
Below these controls, the story list is located.
Finally, below the stories list and on the bottom right, 'Load More
Stories' button is situated which allows you to load more stories.
Please note, clicking
this button reveal the 100 stories again. You can click this button
unlimited number of times to load more and more stories.
Every story in the list contains the story title, published date along
with it's category/author.
You can click on the any of the story from the list and a new screen
will open which will allow you to read the complete story.
The full accessibility and comfort has been kept in the mind for the
delightful experience.
When you'll open the story, you'll find that the story heading displays
After it, whole story displays in a list and it has been splitted in
to the sentences for the greater usability and wonderful reading
You can use your swipe gestures to read the story sentence by sentence.
Not only this, below the story, revind, play, forward and share story
buttons are located respectively starting from the left corner.
You can use these play controls to let the app automaticly read the
story without any manual intervention.
You can share the story by clicking on the 'share story' button which
is located on the bottom right.
Shaking gestures make the deal much sweeter.
If you don't want to use the play controls, then you can shake your
device anytime and the app will start reading the story automaticly.
anytime you want
to pause the story, just shake your device again.
The shake gesture even works when your screen is turnned off.
Suppose that you are reading the story while your screen is turnned on
and you tuched your screen somewhere, the story gets paused and you
can shake your
device to resume the story.
The grand 2 features of this app are:
Privacy mode,
Story playback from the desired position.
Imagine, you are reading the stories and what if someone sees your
screen and gets to know that what are you reading? no issue! the whole
content of the
app is invisible for the sighted users!
Privacy mode makes it possible and due to this reason, sighted users
won't be able to read anything on your screen while you are using this
This mode is activated by default and in the future versions, it will
also be possible to toggle this mode whenever desired.
Now suppose you are reading a story via swipe gestures and it's very
long. You are tired of swiping, no problem! just click any of the
sentence of the
story and app will start reading the story from that sentence onwards!
For any queries/feedbacks/suggestions or anything else, you can
contact us at:
To close the tutorial, just click the 'Navigate Up' button or click
back on your device.

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