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On 10/11/17, Terry Olandese <> wrote:
Will you give me the address to the BST Blind list? Thanks.
I'd like to join.
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I recently joined the BST Blind list, and it is truly wonderful! At any
rate, someone is willing to sell me a Nokia E71 Symbian phone with Talks and
the KNFB Reader for $100. I have heard of this phone, but don't know much
about it, and she doesn't remember much either, as she hasn't used it in
years. I have the Classic Reader, which is the pda and the camera
combination, but something happened and the camera is no longer working
properly. I have an older TMobile Dash, but it's running an older version
of Mobile Speak, and I wanted something a bit newer but still with a qwerty
keyboard. I have no intention of using this as a phone, as my Kyocera Rally
works well for that purpose.
Mostly, I will browse the Internet (usually Facebook and GMail, or maybe a
few shopping sites, though just to read, not to buy anything) and type notes
on it. I can't use it as a regular computer, but if I take it with me when
I go out, I can use the KNFB Reader in it and also write things down. I
downloaded Talks 4 and 5, so I now at least have the manual. But what else
can anyone here tell me about this phone? What is the keyboard like? How
well does the Reader work?
Can I access Facebook? Can I use it with my household wireless or with my
TMobile hotspot?


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