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Jim Rawls

Ok I need more help here, sorry for my dumbness. Smile. I went into win and hit alt G to open the equalizer. Jaws said, equalizer open, and then nothing after that. I hit the tilda key and QW to bring my base down, and nothing happened. Shen I hit Alt G and open the equalizer, jaws says nothing. And I tried what you said about the Tilda key and the letters, Q W. but I am getting no results. Shouldn’t I see some band numbers etc.? What am I doing wrong? I am using jaws 18 on a windows ten computer. Write me off list if you want. My email is, jazzppiano2@.... Thanks in advance for your help. Jim


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Hi.  Actually, the tilda key is also part of winamp's EQ set up.  Try lwering each band by pressing the corresponding key below it's plus value, so for example, press tilda to bring up your bass levels, press tab key to decrease it.  The order of keys from left to right are as follows:

Tilda, key 1 and key 2 are controls to bring up the bass levels, Tab, Q, W, brin the bass levels down.  Keys 3, 4, 5 and 6 will bring up the mid-range levels with the keys immediately below bringing them down.  Keys 7, 8 and 9 are for the treble range.  Press alt+n to enable Equalizer and experiment.  Cheers!


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The number row keys on the main keyboard raise the level of the band affected.  Number 1 makes the low base louder.  The key below 1, q, decreases the base.  When the equalizer is off, the sound is flat, that is, at the same level as it is received.  Minus levels mean below the flat default level when the equalizer is off.  Plus levels mean louder than the default level when the equalizer is off.  There is no zero on the equalizer settings but the closest to 0 you can get when setting a band is as close to the default as you can get with the equalizer on. 


Equalizers, whether digital or mechanical, let you increase or decrease the level of whatever band you are adjusting.



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Hi all,

I want to decrease the base sound in win amp if I can. I do not have the equalizer on at this time. If I turn it on, is there a way to reduce the base at all, or will changing the equalizer just increase the base sounds? I don’t understand when I am told that band 2.7 is increased etc. I thought that with the equalizer off, the base would be at its most reduced setting. Is that so? Frustrated here. Jim


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