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Carolyn Arnold

Definitely holding off for JAWS 17 was my original plan, plus I wanted to
have a computer built. However, I started having one problem after another
with my old computer, so got such a good buy on a new computer, then
upgraded to 16, and well, the best plans of mice and men and all that jazz.
.. .

It does seem to be a better plan to weight for 17 and maybe more refined 10.

Best from,


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Hi Jim,


Actually, you might want to hold off for a while. If you are using JAWS, you
should hold off until end of this year when JFW 17 comes out (we just had a
thread about JFW not working well with Windows 10; whoever that person was,
are you using JFW 16.0.4350? If not, you should).



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Beth, when I download ten, I'll check into her for sure. Smile's

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Hey Jim, you're not alone. Having fun with Cortana? You should, she spat out
a fact about Louis Braille yesterday, and if you love hemingway, she got one
about the book Old Man and the Sea today.

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On 9/1/2015 7:14 AM, Jim Rawls wrote:

I hope to learn much from this group in a friendly environment,
especially on windows ten, which I have yet to download. Smile. Jim

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