Re: Getting Jaws to do something

Jeff Christiansen

Depending on context

Insert Number pad 5

Alt Number pad 5

Jeff Christiansen

On Oct 12, 2017, at 19:25, Dave <> wrote:


I am a Window Eyes user that has migrated over to Jaws, and I miss a few
little things Window Eyes did, but so far, haven't figured out how Jaws
does it, or if it does it.

When moving up or down in a list of files, Window Eyes would repeat the
name of the file at the very top, or the very bottom.

Jaws will read the file as you up arrow to it, but once at the top, and
the up arrow is pressed again, Jaws stays quiet.

It's a little thing, but is there a way to make Jaws repeat the name of
the line or file at the top or bottom of a list?


Grumpy Dave

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