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Jeff Christiansen

To get JAWS to read the top or bottom most file name use:

Insert numpad 5

Alt numpad 5
Works as well, for the entire line use:

Insert tab


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Jaws will not read the top or bottomline when you are allready at the top.
I was also missing such a feature. Window-Eyes could also read top or bottom
when you was at the top or bottom of a list.
Jaws cannot do this, but it can generate a sound when at the top or bottom
and this helps. This works in most listviews.

To activate:

Press ins-v
arrow down. You will land on:
Top and bottom edge.
Set it with space to: alert with sound and tab to ok.

Regards, Marten

On Thu, 12 Oct 2017 18:25:39 -0700 "Dave" <> wrote:


I am a Window Eyes user that has migrated over to Jaws, and I miss a
few little things Window Eyes did, but so far, haven't figured out how
Jaws does it, or if it does it.

When moving up or down in a list of files, Window Eyes would repeat
the name of the file at the very top, or the very bottom.

Jaws will read the file as you up arrow to it, but once at the top,
and the up arrow is pressed again, Jaws stays quiet.

It's a little thing, but is there a way to make Jaws repeat the name
of the line or file at the top or bottom of a list?


Grumpy Dave

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