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Walter Ramage

Hi. OK, this is not unusual for express burn and Express rip programmes.
Go to your control panel and to change or remove Programmes. Find express
burn and uninstall it. You will be asked if you want to downgrade to the
free version, just say yes. However you will be asked each time you launch
the programme to certify that it is being used for non commercial home use
and all you say is yes and the programme will be up and running. Walter.

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Michael Boyd
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I like Express Burn, but in my experience, NCH's claims that the software
can be used free for personal home use is not true. After I have installed
the software and burned 2 or 3 dissks, it always comes up wanting the
software to be registered and will not allow any further use of it.

I do have Any Burn installed and working now, but I do like a burning
software that gives me a lot of control over the process.


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Ann Parsons
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Hi all,

How about Express Burn from NCH?

Ann P.

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