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Comcast, and most ISP’s, will typically offer support with third party equipment that is listed as being compatible with their network. At least through the set up and connection process. If it comes down to where there seems to be a problem with either a third party modem or router, then they will suggest that you contact the device manufacturer for assistance in correcting the problem being experienced.  Some of the technicians that one must talk to from these foreign companies barely speak enough English to be able to converse with a customer, and most times the support session takes quite a bit longer than it should.  When I spoke with Trend Net on a couple of occasions, when they found out that I was a blind person, they couldn’t fathom how I could use a computer at all. They had never heard of nor seemed to even understand the concept of a screen reader. One technician kept telling me to have the person who was with me to see what the condition of the lights on the router was. He thought I was lying to him when I said that I was alone,lol. As true as it is, it is hard to believe that there some people still in this world who are not aware of the capabilities of an industry in which they work.






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Not to mention, the ISP has absolutely no obligation to give support for any other hardware that doesn't directly come from them that you might be using as a part of the network. I've even had customer service folks at comcast tell me that I shouldn't be using routers and such, unless they're devices that come from the ISP.
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Considering the level of knowledge typical technical support staff has, I wouldn't assume that cjust calling your ISP would yield good results.  It's fine to use Google but you have to evaluate the sources of information about anything.  Thaere is lots of good information on the Internet but you have to evaluate the reliability of the source. 



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> If you want correct information on the subject, call an expert like your ISP, not Google. There is more unreliable information posted on the internet than there is reliable information. Be sure that you know your sources.

That's assuming your isp doesn't send you to a call center in India, which most companies seem to do. Especially these days.


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