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Hi Janet,

Yes, you can indeed use Windows Live Mail without Outlook being installed on your computer, but you do not have to uninstall Outlook to set Windows Live Mail as your default email client. Then you can simply remove Outlook from your desktop and forget about it. If it is installed as a separate application on your computer, it will be easy enough to uninstallif you wish to, but if it is part of an Office Suite, then it would be easier to just leave it there.


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Hi Everyone,
I'm not sure if this message will show up to the list or not, as I've been trying to read and send messages to this list for days, but I'll take another chance at it. I want to know if I completely delete Outlook 2010 from my computer, can I install WLM? I am having so many problems with this Outlook 2010, and I can't stand it, and I just want to get rid of it! I am running Windows 7 JAWS 18.
I think I asked this question before, but I believe someone told me I have to have Outlook installed on my computer before I could use WLM.

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