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Just to be clear, there is a standalone spellchecker for the outlook express program,




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In Windows 7 and into Windows 10 I used Windows Mail from Vista and I loved it. I got a hack from   another list, but with the Windows Fall Creator, it would no longer work.  I tried Outlook Express for a while and it seemed to work very well. However, I could not get a spell checker to work in it, and I do need a spell checker, so I decided to use Thunderbird and it works well.


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Hi Don, 
I'm not sure wich version, as I am currently just learning about this stand alone outlook express.  I'm running windows 7.  Thank you for your input, I appreciate it.  I'm just not for sure which way to go with this all.  I'm just looking for a basic email program to compose, receive emails.  I can't wait to just get rid of this Outlook 2010 though.   
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Janet, which version of Outlook Express are we talking about?  Also, which version of Windows are you running?
I ask because I am currently using the original hack of Outlook Express, not the XP version.  Also, it is important to note that when I was running Windows 7, I had problems with this version of Outlook Express, specifically problems with DBX files becoming corrupt.  Others have had similar issues.
Now that I am running Windows 10 creator edition, specifically version 1703, I have experienced no corrupt files although I have run the programs daily for close to six weeks.  I should clarify that windows 1703 installed perhaps ten days ago, so I don't know the number for the previous version. 
I have set up 13 message filters and 10 folders without issue.  Also, no problems with the contacts folder and no problems sending or receiving.
This message is not intended to either encourage or discourage you from using the program.  I know the risks from using it previously, so I am merely relating my experiences.  You are likely to see cautionary messages from Gene Asner, and these are legitimate concerns.
Don Roberts
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Hi Everyone,
I'm seriously considering using Outlook Express as an email program, but I 
don't know very much about it, so if any outlook express users are using 
this, would you please share your experience?
Thank you in advance.


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