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I uses obi daisy production software, wich requires java. But now when
I try to update it don't alouw me to update. Don't no what to try?

On 21/10/2017, Michael Boyd <> wrote:

It is true that less and less use of Java is required now, in fact, I have
not had it installed in at least 2 years now. Perhaps the Jave updater was
added in the last several years, I really don't know. But it does exist. As
far as Java being a security risk, I have heard this for many years, and at
times I have disabled it in my browsers "Manage Add-ons" utility. I don't
know what these risks aare or ever were. But, for the sake of security, I
did at times do this. I have never experienced anything bad when running
Java, and I do not believe that my computer was ever compromised by an
outside invader that my anti-virus software did not pick up on.

I began using computers approximately 35 years ago as a civil engineer,
using CAD/CAM programs through a dos system. Since the advent of the Windows
operating system, there have been several applications introduced that were
supposed to "help" the user have a more "enriching" experience at the
computer, but most have gone by the wayside. There will always be some
company out there to promote useless programs as being great boones to the
computer world, but they mostly do nothing at all in fact.


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I used to have JAVA on more than one computer. It never updated
automatically. It would tell me that updates, that is, updates to the
program were available. It was up to me when I updated. I never had a
slowdown when this default setting was used in general use of the computer
because the program never updated until I told it to. I would get notices
in the system tray that an update was available. I updated when I wanted.
I didn't have slowdowns just because the JAVA run time environment was
running, which is I assume, what you are referring to by what anyone who
installs JAVA installs. I've never heard of anyone else having slowdowns
for that reason either. When a program is running that uses JAVA or a web
site uses JAVA, I don't know if the computer is slowed down during that

Your answer says that if you don't have JAVA installed, you will often get
popups telling you, when going to various web sites, that the site requires
JAVA. I've been using the Internet for almost 20 years and I've only come
across one site that required JAVA. And now, that site no longer does. the
typical user will seldom or never use a site that requires JAVA. JAVA is,
as I said in an earlier message, a security risk and if it isn't required,
and most programs don't use it either, I've only found one I wanted to use
that did and it wasn't accessible anyway, so I uninstalled it. But you
don't have to uninstall it to remove or mostly remove the security threat.
Most security threats from JAVA come from having the add on JAVA places in
all browsers on your machine to run. If you disable the add ons in your
browsers, the threat will either mostly or completely be eliminated, I'm not
sure which. There are times when JAVA is needed. I believe the Blackboard
program uses JAVA but, unless you are a student, you aren't likely to use
that program. Open Office and the other Office-like Suite of programs,
called something like Libre Office, (spelling) doesn't use JAVA either.
Open Office used to but two or three years ago, it was modified and doesn't
require JAVA any longer for its accessibility.

In short, the typical user is unlikely to require JAVA and it is being used
less over time.

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Hi Dave,

Yes, I understood that, even though my reply might not have focussed exactly
on that point. I gathered that he didn't seem to know why Java was sometimes
needed at all. The only Java application that I have ever installed is the
Run Time Environment which is what is needed to view webpages that contain
Java content. The Java update utility will slow a computer down
considerably, and I keep this disabled in the start up options to prevent it
from running. I cannot speak to all Java applications, but the JRE has to
update often because, like many web pages which are constantly updating
while you view them, Amazon for example is the worst, tend to run slowly on
all but the fastest computers. Java must update to keep it's content on
these websites current as well, but it cannot really update in real time
like the html portions can being a third party "add-on" to these pages. So,
in essence what you get is the web pages updating while viewing them and
Java updating whenever it gets the chance to, sometimes at the same time,
while viewing the web page, and it causes some major slow downs in a
computer's speed. One does not have to run Java, but it will result in many
pop-up messages and failure to load websites that you may wish to view.


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Hi Michael,

I think he was asking about the constant need to Update JAVA.

Seems like JAVA wants to update itself as often as Adobee Reader.

Grumpy Dave

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