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Thank you for this.  I was in the save as dialog, and I did press shift tab, but I never thought of pressing shift plus tab 2 times though.  I did find where the files were being saved they were in a subfolder in the download folder.  So now, I have notepad and wordpad both saving them where I want them to be saved. 




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You don't have to save anything to do the following:

Open the save as dialog and, depending on your version of Windows, shift tab once or twice.  In Windows 7 and, I presume higher, it's twice.  I don't know about Vista.  You will be in the list of files and folders, the same kind of list as in my computer.  You can down and up arrow in the list.  If you recognize where you are, you will know where files are being saved.  If you don't, let us know and I can check to see how else to know.  As I recall, you can tab around the save as dialog and you'll find a field where the path to the folder and the folder are shown.  But for more information and to definitely verify what I'm saying, I'll wait to see if you want that information.


When finished looking around, press escape to close the dialog.



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Hi Everyone,
Some years ago, I used to use word pad just to save a personal note, but suddenly for some reason I couldn't find where it was saved when I saved it, and now, I'm having the same problem with notepad as well.  I can't find where the text file is being saved.  If I try to save it again, I get a message saying this file already exist are you sure you want to replace this file, so apparently the text file is saved somewhere, but I just can't find it.  I've looked in the view menu as well as in the file menu, and the properties, but I couldn't find anything that might be of any help.  I still can't find where the text files are being saved, as I usually save them to my download folder.  I know apparently I must be doing something that is making these changes, but I don't know what that might be.
I'm running Windows 7 with JAWS 18.

Any thoughts please?
 note pad, but I just noticed when I save a note or

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