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Hi Steve,
Take a look at the following notes to see if they'll help:
From: Brian Lee
Hi Stephanie,
For newspaper style columns the keystroke Alt+DownArrow key usually moves
focus to the top of the next column.  However, JAWS uses Alt+DownArrow to
read a next sentence.  If you use a pass through keystroke followed by
Alt+DownArrow focus will move to the top of the next column.  You can use
JAWS key with the number 3 on the alphanumeric row of keys followed by
Alt+DownArrow key if you want to move to the top of the next column.  If you
use Alt+UpArrow after using JAWS key with the number 3 focus should move to
the top of the previous column.  If you want to read the information in a
different column on the same line you should use the JAWS cursor.  Route
JAWS cursor to PC cursor and move a word right or left until you find some
text in a different column.  Do a left mouse button click (if using a
desktop press the second key from the left on the top row of the number pad,
if using a laptop keyboard configuration then use the caps lock key with the
number 8 on the alphanumeric row of keys).  Put PC cursor back on and focus
should be in the other column on the same row. 
It is kind of complicated but I think these steps should work for you.
Take care. 
Brian Lee
From: Flor Lynch
In the Word Options (Quick Settings, Insert+v dialogue) ensure that the
"page, Section, and multiple column breaks" checkbox is checked. A
keystroke used to create text (or newspaper style) columns is:
From: Ann Byrne
From JAWS help, under key strokes:
Read table column ALT+WINDOWS Key+PERIOD
From: Tom Vos
If I am in the first column, and press, End,
Then the right arrow key, I move to the second column.
Then I press, End, again, and the right arrow key
And I am in the third column.
I can reverse this by pressing, Home,
Then the left arrow key
Seems a bit clumsy, but it helps me get at the information.
Take care.  Mike.  Dodgers, try again next year!
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Hi All,

I have a word document that has 4 text columns.  How do I move from one column to the next?  JAWS 18 and Word 2016.  Thanks in advance for your help!


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