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They can but they are not going to do it voluntary they are going to have to be made to do it by taking them to court just like all the other things the threat of law suit or a lawsuit makes them change their minds. But we have to get organization like the NFB AFB and so on to help on this and donate to their cause. Apple did not make their stuff accessible till the threat of the law suet came. Then once they did do it they seen that they could indeed make money at this they really jump on the ban wagon.  Not taking anything away from Apple as they could have did a half bake thing but they did not do that they did it right!

The problem is getting some manufacture to step up and run with the ball once it is did and we start buying up things from them then other will want to get on the ban wagon. But it takes that first company to make that first step!




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Hi there!
Well, I think that if Google, Apple and now MicroSoft are able to put speech on their smart phones at no additional cost to the consumer I wonder why companies making appliances can't do something similar? I understand that businesses must make money and I personally wouldn't have a problem paying a bit more for a talking MicroWave.  But paying 3 to 4 times what the non-talking model sells for is being a bit overly greedy in my opinion..?
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On 26-Oct-15 18:26, Matt wrote:

It don’t if you do it from the get go and you don’t make it targeted just at the blind !




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If Hamilton Beach could sell the Temo talking microwave for $79, which is what they did, then why should we be forced to purchase one for over $300 because we require the talking feature. It can’t cost that much more to add that feature.?


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