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Hi Maureen,
First, let me say that I do not use anything Office 2016, but I'm only reporting what other Jaws users that are using Office 2016 are reporting.  Are you running the latest version of Jaws 18?  It's J18.0.4350.  This Jaws update was supposed to fix that problem, then Office came along with its own update, & broke it again!  Now supposedly, the latest version of Jaws 2018 was supposed to fix that Office update.  Jaws 18 & Jaws 2018 are 2 totally different versions of Jaws if you're not aware of Freedom Scientific / VFO's Jaws version numbering sequencing change with this latest release.  Jaws2018 would be Jaws 19 under the old numbering system.
I surely hope I didn't screw up your Saturday night with that explanation!  Anyways, hopefully someone will come along that uses Jaws 18 with Outlook 2016 & Office 365 to clear up anything I may gotten wrong.s
Take care.  Mike.  Dodgers, try again next year!
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Subject: [TechTalk] question about auto fill in outlook 2016

I just heard about this group through another group and haven’t posted before.  I use Outlook 2016 with office 365 for my job.  I use JFW 18 and Windows 10 (not the newest update).  In my Outlook when I try and send an email to someone who I have not contacted previously it won’t let me fill in their name.  It starts to autofill with the name it thinks I want.  The only way I can get it to let me write in someone’s name that is a new contact is if I write it somewhere else like Notepad and paste it into the to: line.  Is there a way to not disable auto fill but make it so it allows new names to be written  into the to line?

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