Re: An important message about the future ownership of the list

amanda burt

A also agree with this


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From: Austin Pinto
Sent: Saturday, November 11, 2017 2:42 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] An important message about the future ownership of the list

ya. i also agree to the 2 owners and 1 moderator theory.

On 11/11/17, David Ferrin <> wrote:
For what it is worth that idea sounds good to me. Private voting is the
foundation of our country.

From: Gene
Sent: Saturday, November 11, 2017 3:40 AM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] An important message about the future ownership of
the list

I think their should be one owner but there should also be a moderator who
can run the list and take it over temporarily, if necessary. If you have
two owners, who will make final decisions if necessary where there is a
disagreement? But the moderator should have enough access to administrative
features that the person can manage the list if necessary.

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From: Jaffar Sidek
Sent: Saturday, November 11, 2017 2:26 AM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] An important message about the future ownership of
the list

Hi Gene. I for one am not in favor of too many list owners, because I
adhere to the principal that too many cooks spoil the soup. As has been so
publicly demonstrated, So many have endorsed the way you took things over.
If it wasn't mentioned, I'd never have known. It's not made any difference
to the list as to whether you are the list owner or not, change has been at
a minimum. What I would like to suggest is that you have a good think as to
who amongst us is capable of acting as moderator, while you take ownership
of the list, so that if there is ever a need to pass on the baton, it would
be as smooth as when Carlos's passing has allowed this list's normal
operations to remain, without any noticeable change. Just my opinion.

On 11/11/2017 8:35 AM, Gene wrote:
I've used the quoted message below this one, which originally appeared in a
different thread, as the occasion for presenting what I've been considering
for the future of ownership of the list.

Thanks for the compliments, but as far as my role as moderator is concerned,
the list almost runs itself.

As far as the future of the list is concerned, I've been thinking about it
and enough time has passed to discuss it. I'm considering posting two or
perhaps three names of people whom I think would be good owners, including
my name. I would then ask people to vote off list for one of those names.
any votes sent to the list would not be counted. I'm considering doing this
because I don't want to assume ownership just because I am a moderator now.
voting privately would keep a lot of administrative traffic off list and
peoples' vote should be private as a matter of principle.

If people want to comment on this, please don't comment on list. Send
comments to me at<wlmailhtml:%7BC045F55E-C6A4-4D66-B25C-CC4F14F1006E%7Dmid://00000113/>

If people believe the matter should be discussed on list and enough people
request it when sending messages, I'll consider opening the topic for
comment on list for a period of time, perhaps two days. I don't want to
have a long period because the actual list itself shouldn't, in my opinion,
get bogged down for long periods of time with administrative matters.

If people like my idea of an election, I'll write to the people I have in
mind off list and ask if they are interested.

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From: Mike
Sent: Friday, November 10, 2017 5:56 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] Carlos and Gene

This past week a lot of people gave well deserved praise to Carlos, and all
he has done for this list with rememberance to his passing and his birthday.
I'd also like to say a very special thank you to Gene. He has stepped into
a very time consuming and demanding position. We continue to bring our
computer issues to the list, and Gene with all his technological knowledge
willingly shares his expertise with us for little payment other than our
gratitude. We all need to be very greatful Gene is at the helm continuing
to help us solve thos computing issues. Where might we be without him?
Sincerely with our heart felt gratitude,

David Ferrin
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