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Josh Kennedy

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Subject: Re: braille me question
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2017 18:42:41 +0530
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Hi Josh,

Nice to hear from you!!

We are currently looking for distributors in the USA. I have not felt the orbit reader dots but I have seen one at NFB. As you rightly pointed out Braille quality and resistance to environments is a big factor. I am glad to inform you, Braille Me will be able to handle dusty and humid environments. The Braille on Braille Me is sturdy and good to feel and does not move down with normal finger force. But like piezoelectric technologies, the dots would move down upon very high finger pressure. Braille Me has been tested with students beginning to learn braille and as you would know they apply much more force than advanced users. Also, the specs of Braille Me comply with NLS standard for Braille dot force and refresh rate.
Hope this answers your queries.

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Do you have any distributors of the braille-Me display in the United States yet? Also, is the braille similar to the braille found on the orbit reader20? The braille on orbit reader20 feels like signage braille, what you would feel on elevator doors or ATM machines. Orbit20 braille dots once raised are locked in place, cannot be pressed down, orbit20 is also liquid and dust resistant. Will brailleMe hold up in different environments?

Josh Kennedy

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