Re: accessible air fryer

Rick Alfaro

Hi. I have one of the Cooks Essentials air fryers purchased about a year ago and use it almost every day. It turns out really good results without the need to use any oil whatsoever.


There are a ton of air fryers out there but their basic operation is pretty much the same generally speaking. Some have digital controls, and some have manual controls while some also have a touch screen. My model has digital controls using buttons so no touch screen. Once you get the hang of the various presets and controls, it’s very easy to use if you are willing to learn the buttons and their functions. There are also different sizes on the market ranging anywhere from 2.5 quarts to 5.8 quarts. Unless you are just cooking for one person, I would go for one of the larger units. My unit is 5.8 quarts I believe. The smaller units would have been to restricting for my taste. HTH




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Hello all,  I'm planning on purchasing an air fryer.  Can anyone offer information on their experiences with one and the accessibility of the different units?  How about the size, and any pertinent information.  All responses are greatly appreciated.


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