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Wow, you are quite incorrect when you wrote what it is that you wrote
regarding Liters being smaller than quarts. The difference isn't all that
much, but you have it backwards definitely. Liters are bigger than quarts.

A Liter is 33.814 fluid ounces and I am sure as you already know, a quart is
only 32 fluid ounces. For those of you using the metric system, a fluid
ounce equals a little more than 29.5mL. So we are really not talking about
that much of a difference at all.

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Michael Boyd
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Hi Mike,

Is the fryer that you are ordering larger than 3.7 Quarts or liters? I see
some that are listed both ways. 3.7 liters is way smaller than 3.7 quarts,
Anyway would you mind sharing the size, brand and model of the fryer that
you have decided to purchase? Thanks.


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Mike Thomas
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Hi all, and thanks for your input on the air fryers. My mom lent me her
Farberware air fryer. It has simply two dials one for temperature, and one
for the timer. The timer is maxed out at 30 minutes. The timer is not
critical except it must be on to operate the fryer. the other dial goes
from 170 to 400, and my mom said she just leaves it on the 400 setting for
everything. I experimented around with it today and easily made a couple of
very good and crispy chicken wings for lunch. They came out as well as pan
fried or deep fried with no grease or messy pan to clean. I felt the basket
was a little size restricted, and ordered a similar model that is almost
twice the size. I think this is going to be a winner as I learn about all
the things that can be easily made in the air fryer. Being blind, I'm not
sure I would want to be using a deep fryer, or attempting to pan fry
chicken. At least with the air fryer there is almost no mess, or spattered
or spilled grease. A great alternative to the microwave or the convection
oven and cleaning the spatter mess.
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I have the Actifry. I got it when it first came out. It has two buttons
One to start the fryer, and one to start the timer. The timer doesn't
really have anything to do with setting the fryer; it is separate, and
you don't need to use it. That's good. I just time it with something
I can use. Pam.

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From: Mich Verrier
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hi all on this topic of air friers has any one tryed out acty frier
there is a app on the eye phone cald my acty frier. the app seems to
be accessible with vo but i amnot shure how accessible the air friers
are since i have never seen one. from Mich.

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From: Kay Malmquist
Sent: Friday, November 17, 2017 3:35 AM
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I have a Philips and it was not accessible because it has a touch screen.
We had dots put on just below the bottom buttons and just above the
top ones. We have figured out how to use it and have checked out a
lot of recipes on you tube and had the book that came with it Brailed.
You need to play around with it a bit but it does work. We have done
pork steaks and quite a bit of things in it. Some were better than
others. As for accessible, I have checked with a few manufacturers
and really have not found anything out of the box. But they can work
if you want them to.

Kay Malmquist

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From Mack having read a lot of reviews, I came to the conclusion, it's
no better than a convection oven, just another bulky appliance to take
up space. I do not recommend.

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