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Pamela Dominguez

Well, that's the only thing I know, and it has flying blind all over it. Pam.

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Hi all,

Pam, if he meant TTTT, he would have said TTTT. Don't confuse the
issue please. Flying Blind *is* put out by the same outfit but is
*not* Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday!

Ann P.

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He means the notice that comes out every thursday, I think. Yes, it is
alive and well. Pam.
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From: Eleni Vamvakari
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if you mean the store, it's still around.
If not, then I am sure someone else on this list will have the
information that you're seeking.
All the best,
On 20/11/2017, George Martinez Sr <> wrote:
Does anyone know if Flying Blind had disappeared or is still publishing?
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