Re: A very important administration message that all members should read


also Eleni, you could opt into a 2 step authentication as you are
using a gmail account.
however before you do that change your password and logout of all sessions.
at the end of your gmail inbox page you see some thing like more
account activity just click on it and you will see a list of all the
browsers and all that you are loged in to.
including location there is also a option signout of all sessions.
use that and then only get a 2 factor

On 11/22/17, Sadam Ahmed <> wrote:

Thanks for letting us know Gene.

Best wishes,

Sadam Ahmed

On 22/11/2017 1:32 AM, Gene wrote:
Someone on the list is using an address spoofer to make messages
appear to come from people who are legitimate members.  This person
doesn't have to be a list member.  He or she can spoof any address of
any list member and the list will accept it as legitimate.  So ignore
any messages that are out of character such as the one below. Don't
comment on them or discuss them.  The spoofer wants to incite
discussion or discord on the list.  If there is no reaction, that will
not encourage the spoofer to continue.
I am not aware of any way to prevent such messages from reaching the
list except for placing the entire list on moderated status.  That
will slow down receipt of messages but it will end this problem.  I'll
do it if I have to.
If people have suggestions about how to deal with the problem, write
me off list at <>
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do you have a cock?

is it big?

how big

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