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Hi Joanne,
If you open a Word document in WordPad it'll be almost unreadable do to all the formatting that Word puts into a document.  Your best bet is to copy the contents of the Word document to the clipboard, & paste into a new text file using Notepad.  Pasting the text into Notepad will remove all the formatting, & then you can copy the text from the text file & paste it into Wordpad, & save it a as an RTF file or, just save it as a text file
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Word Starter was a cut down version of Word that came shipped on various new PCs.  From memory it should be able to convert the files.

WordPad itself should also be able to open doc files, although it can't save them, so it would have to save them as RTF.  Note also that whatever method you use, it's possible you may lose information or at least formatting, if the original document contained features from Word which aren't supported in RTF / WordPad.

On Fri, Nov 24, 2017 at 7:13 AM, joanne <grandma1323@...> wrote:
I don't have Microsoft Word on my windows 7 computer and I have some DOC files. One tried to open in Adobe, and then sometimes there is a word thing like a word starter that pops up. Is there a converter, since I use word pad and note pad, that will convert these doc files?

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