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I know of 2 common ways to remote into another’s PC: 1. GoToMyPC  and 2. LogMeIn.

I use GoToMyPC weekly with clients and control it using MAGic.  An employee of mine likes LogMeIn because it is free but I find it hard for me to setup and use.  Others may have had a better experience with LogMeIn.

I was taught to use Team Viewer by a fantastic accessibility instructor who is totally blind but I have not used it since.  He uses it every day to access his wife’s computer in the office of his business with a copy of his JAWS loaded on her computer.

Of course, with both GoToMyPC and LogMeIn you must depend upon a screen enlarger because JAWS stops as soon as it sees GoToMyPC.

With “friendly” clients I am considering loading a free screen reader and setting it up without sound on the client end.



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Hi all,

looking for ideas on how to access a pc not using speech?

Serotek used to sell RIM and RAM bu I don't think they do anymore.

From my understanding it is difficult if not impossible to use team viewer to control another pc.


The people I'm working with may not want to load Jaws or NVDA.


Any suggestions?


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