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I don't use Chrome to any extent.  Did you down arrow through every option?  did you see anything like more bookmarks or anything indicating bookmarks in a different folder or section?  Press enter on anything that suggests, by its title, that something might be displayed by activating it.  In firefox, when you import book marks from Internet Explorer, they are in a Book Mark folder named From Internet Explorer. 
Also, for those who use Chrome enough that they might know, Firefox has a search book marks feature that searches through all book marks in firefox, whatever folder they are in.  I don't even bother to organize book marks any more.  I use the search feature.  does Chrome have such a feature?

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From: Joe Orozco
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That's strange. I followed the suggestions and got to the Bookmarks
menu, but my homepage is the only page I see there, despite my having
gone through the import process from IE. I tried going at it from the
Bookmarks Manager window, but I don't see anything there either. What
might I be doing wrong here?

And, are there any Chrome extensions that could make navigating
bookmarks easier?


On 11/24/17, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
> The Chrome designers, even after all these years, still haven't bothered to
> put a short cut command for the book marks list in Chrom.  You can open the
> book marks list in this way:
> Alt then enter.  Type b and then press enter.  Just one more small annoyance
> the Chrome designers haven't gotten rid of.
> Gene
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> From: Joe Orozco
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> Subject: [TechTalk] Bookmarks on Chrome
> First, is there a way for Chrome to be set up to save and access
> bookmarks from the same computer location as my Internet Explorer? I
> currently save my IE favorites in a Dropbox folder so that I can
> access them equally from IE or Firefox. I’d like to do the same with
> Chrome, if possible.
> Second, how do I access Bookmarks in Chrome in the first place? I’ve
> tried Control + Shift + B to add the Bookmarks bar, but I can’t figure
> out the shortcut key to access the list. Is there a means to view the
> Bookmarks in the same menu format we can with IE?
> Thanks for any help.
> Joe

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