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Control+X is just cutting the audio and placing it to the clipboard. If you are just wanting to delete the audio, just use the delete key and that will remove the bracketed chosen audio.


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Hi, I don’t know about a mailing list but here is how I cut out unwanted sound bites:


First, don’t do the CTRL-A to select all. It’s unnecessary.

I put the left bracket and right bracket around the sound I want removed and hit CTRL-X.

Then I hit SHIFT-Home and CTRL-SHIFT-End which gives me the full length of the file minus the unwanted clip.


Stan B

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Subject: [TechTalk] goldwave help



Is there a mailing list for goldwave users?

If not here is my question, it worked like a week ago, but not sure what is going on.  I’m editing a podcast, and here is the situation.

Someone talks, they stop to cough, I’m trying to remove it, but each time I do, it removes everything from where the cough begins to the end of the file.

So, first I select all with CTRL a, put a left bracket and right bracket around the cough and tap delete. When playing it back, like I said, it deletes everything from the cough to the end. What am I doing wrong?



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