Re: 5s issue.


Hi Billy,
An update definitely should not stop you from making a call. If you can't make a call, I would definitely think that is from your carrier. I'm also sure even if you called Apple support, they would tell you the samething.
Since I updated to iOS 11.1.2, my phone 6 is slower especially when listening to Apple music, and when reading news. Although, I do believe these phones do get a little slow after time, but not to the point where you can't even place a phone call.
Even though, I've never had an iPhone 5, but I know a few people with the iPhone 5 and 5SE, and they updated as well as you, they don't have any problem making a call.
Have you checked in settings for your WI-FI and cellular, if not, try that.

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hi guys, After recent update to the latest IOS version.
My iphone5s is showing no service message.
I have tried all i can think of including a full restore, and even took it to the provider EE shop.
The result is the phone is no longer capable of making outgoing phone calls, and this is mostly what i used it for.
Has anyone on this list has such a problem with the iphone5s?, Billy

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