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Yeah, I honestly can't say how different the process might be between configuring it on 7 and 10, I've not screwed with 10 in a while now, but I'll do my best. I also didn't look close enough at the original page there to see if there were already instructions, but if there are, you should be able to find something that works for you. I'll point out again though that the main difference between configuring it from within your router and setting it manually on your Windows7 machine is that doing it from the router would allow you to use the same DNS server on all devices connected to the network while setting it on the computer obviously only works for that one machine. They both have their uses though.

Anyways, if I want to set a manual DNS entry on my Windows7 computer, here's how I go about it. I first press the windows key to bring up the search box and then type network. I then would select network sharing center from the list and press enter to open it. When the network sharing center opens, I am placed on a thing that says, see full map and it says it's a link. I can't say for sure if it will auto-focus you on this same option when you launch it, but from see full map, I then press shift tab twice and land on Windows firewall. Pressing up arrow a few times here will soon take you to an option that says: Change adapter settings
Pressing enter here should take you to a list of the different networking adapters that are currently installed on your computer. Locate the one you wish to change the settings for and press the applications key and select properties from the context menu. When you enter the properties section for the adapter, you are taken to a list of different things that can be configured for that network connection, which you can see by moving up and down through the list. Use your down arrow until you get to: Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and press tab twice until you see properties. Once you open up the properties for this, you should then see the radio button that lets you select whether or not you obtain things like your IP Address, DNS Addresses etc automatically or if you want to set them manually instead. There's a lot of pretty neat stuff here, so don't be afraid to explore and take a look but just be careful changing things unless you feel like going back in there to fix it when your network connection/internet takes a wee poopoo. :)
Hope this is enough to get ya up and going.
Take care.

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Please write up something better if you have the time.  I have windows7 I only say that as I don’t know if it would differ if you had win10.


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I am speaking more so of having the DNS entries sent out as part of the configurations from my router's DHCP server, as it takes care of setting which ever DNS I'd want to use for the devices that might be more difficult to access, something like the Chromecast or Apple TV, but you can manually set them too. I don't have the exact instructions on how to navigate through that silly Network and Sharing Center, but it's in the same set of preferences where you'd configure your computer to get an IP Address through DHCP or you can set a static one. I always have to poke around in the sharing center thing to find the option, but it's under adapter options where you can then press applications on the network adapter you wish to change the properties for and then select TCP/IP, version 4. Lol, these are probably the worse directions in the world, but it should get you in the right direction at least. :)
I'll write up something better, if you need more help with it though.
Take care.

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How would I configure it I’m on windows7.


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I'd still want to read more about it, but it looks pretty cool. I've always used Google's DNS, for it's being easy to configure and use for all the devices on my network, but any extra security is always a good thing for sure.
Pretty neat though and thank you for sharing it.

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