Re: Is there a blind accessible chessboard?

Eleni Vamvakari

I will do some more research later. One exists, but I'm not sure if
it's being sold anywhere or if this was just a demonstration.

On 01/12/2017, Cristóbal <> wrote:
I have a chess set that I bought from one of these accessibility sites many
moons ago. It's the wooden kind with one color of squares raised (I think
it's the black). The black pieces have a little nail on the top of each
piece to differentiate them from the white ones and each piece has a small
wooden peg on the bottom that is inserted into a hole found in the middle of
each square.
I found that the pieces fit way too loosely and were easily knocked over
during play. In my case, I had an uncle who is handy and he refitted the
pegs on the pieces to fit more snuggly into the holes. Now they're more
secure and you have to try to knock one over before it does.

Like I said, I bought a while back (maybe twenty years now), so who knows
what they go for now. I think I paid around $30 back in the day.

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Hello Peter,

Try the following link, they have a couple of chess sets, one that I am sure
is made of plastic and another wooden set available. Hope you find one that
you like.


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As the subject states, I'm loking for an accessible electronic chess board.
If anyone has some experience with one, please let me know.



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