Re: Replacing the Micro SD Card on a Victor Reader


They're referring to the internal memory card, not the SD card that
one can just pop out and insert easily. Laz

On 12/1/17, Pamela Dominguez <> wrote:
Can't you replace the bad card yourself? Pam.

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Mine was still under warrantee, and it did not cost. I did loose everything
that was on that bad card that was sent by the vendor, who, of course,
have no way of knowing that the card was contaminated. Humanware paid for
shipping it both ways, and they fixed it, got it back pretty fast with a
replacement card in it. Since then I bought a 32 GB card, because I always
keep anywhere from 10-25 books on the thing.

Best from,


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Out of nowhere, my second generation Victor Reader Stream decided to stop
powering on, or rather, it’ll get as far as “Welcome to Victor...” before
shutting down. A factory reset did not work, and tech support said it would
need to be sent in to have its micro SD card replaced.

Does anyone have any idea how much this will cost? The tech support guy was
vague, only said it would be the least expensive of repairs, but if the
arrives and I refuse to pay for the fix, they’ll charge me $95 as a
maintenance fee.

Alternatively, does anyone know if this is something that can be fixed

The unit is a few months shy of five years old. It’s understandably old,
while I am willing to pay for repairs, I would rather not pay near original
price. At that point I may as well replace it or get something else.

And, please, no pointing out how I could just use my iPhone. I very much
prefer using a second device on account of longer battery and tactile
buttons. Yes, I’m a weird millennial.

Thanks for any help! And if you know of anyone selling their VRS, please
me know this as well!


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