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Hi all,

As an owner of several groups and moderator on I have seen a
few of these in the past but am starting to see it occur more often

basically if one marks a message from a group on as spam one
gets automatically unsubscribed. One receives a message that one has
been unsubscribed because one marked a message as spam followed by a
link to resubscribe.

I've heard a couple of cases in which the option to resubscribe from
these messages didn't work. The solution is to use the normal
subscription method to get back on the group one was automatically
unsubscribed from.

Of course to avoid being automatically unsubscribed it is recommended
that one learn how to use one's email client or program, especially if
one is using an email client so one can locate the appropriate spam
folder sometimes located online, and find all the messages which have
been markeed wrongly as spam and move them back to the in box by
marking them as not spam.

I've also noticed this happening more with folks who had email service
from Verizon and are now getting their email service through AOL.

I hope the above is of some help if it happens to you.

Laz List moderator

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