Re: windows 10 update issue


If you don't need a screen, that is to say you use a screen reader,
than no you don't have to replace it to run windows 10. At this point
does the laptop boot up?
To be clear, could you provide the list with more information?

Do you need a laptop screen to use a computeror do you use a screen reader?
Which reader do you use and do you need to reinstall it?

More info would be helpful,

On 12/4/17, Keith S <> wrote:
Hi, I had my wife's cousin help me with upgrading my laptop with windows 8.1
to the free windows 10 upgrade. The screen of the laptop is cracked, so he
had to hook up the laptop to a digital tv using and H D M I cable.

The update to windows 10 apparrently downloaded and he installed it.

The computer was rebooted and now he does not know if the upgrade took to
the laptop due to the H D M I drivers not being installed on the laptop.

Any way I can figure out if the windows 10 update installed correctly, or do
I need to go out and have the laptop's screen replaced?



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