Re: moving folders from pop3 to iMap?


The only way I know how to do it is like this:

Create the new IMAP account and make sure you enable the options to
not only download all headers, but all message bodies and attachments
or you'll end up with nothing after you delete the POP account, or at
the very least a bunch of headers with no bodies.

After you set up that IMAP account and you can access all of the inbox
e-mails you'll want to create a new folder called something like
Highlight all of the e-mails and move them into the old_inbox mailbox.
Now your real inbox on your IMAP is empty again.

Go back to your POP account and the inbox should be empty, If not you
can do the same thing and create a mailbox called old_inbox, or
something, and move all of the e-mail from the inbox into that
Now your POP mailbox is empty. Go to your first folder on your POP
account and move all of them into your inbox.

Close the POP account and go back to your IMAP account and the inbox
should now show all of those new folder emails. Create a folder with
the name of the original folder and move all of the emails from the
inbox to that folder.

Now go back to the POP account and keep doing this until you've moved
all of the emails from all of the folders to the IMAP account. Then
go to the first folder you created, old_inbox, and move them back to
the real inbox.
This should now look exactly like the original POP account.

That's the only way I've done it successfully, If anyone has an
alternat solution I'd be interested to hear it.


On 12/4/17, adam morris <> wrote:
Hi all,

looking to change a friend who has 3 devices from using pop to iMap.

She has folders under the inbox.

What is the easiest way to get those folders and messages inside to imap?

I realise I need to make a new iMap account on each device.


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