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Keith S

I was in the windows 8.1 OS with Window eyes.  Then we started the update without window eyes being on (due to me trying to do the update without sighted assistance and the 8.1 OS being so damn slow and not responding to my inputs.
Then I had to leave because it took 3 hours to download the windows 10 update to a 7% completion.
The next day my wife went tothe ER with signs of a stroke, and I have been with her for the past 4 days and now I am home, but when her cousin told me that the H D M I drivers were not installed with the windows 10 update,  and the window eyes screen reader having been uninstalled due to not being supported by windows 10, he is at a loss.  The computer is over at his house, so I can not tinker with it.

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Well, After you first started the installation you were in the windows
7 OS with JAWS speech right?  Then it should have asked to reboot and
I think that's where you are now, right?
If so, you need to let the laptop run, for me it took more than 30
minutes and then it rebooted by itself and began to install some more
things.  When it finally went quiet it was about another 10 minutes.
Some other users on list had reported it had installed faster than
that, but that was my experience.

So using my info above, where do you think you are in the installation?


On 12/4/17, Keith S <ks.steinbach03@...> wrote:
> I have no clue.  The computer rebooted after the install, and the screen is
> not visually useable and I do not know what else to do.  I have my copy of
> jaws 18 on cd, and my user code, but I am at a loss to what to do now.
> Keith
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>   If you don't need a screen, that is to say you use a screen reader,
>   than no you don't have to replace it to run windows 10.  At this point
>   does the laptop boot up?
>   To be clear, could you provide the list with more information?
>   Do you need a laptop screen  to use a computeror do you use a screen
> reader?
>   Which reader do you use and do you need to reinstall it?
>   More info would be helpful,
>   Blaster
>   On 12/4/17, Keith S <ks.steinbach03@...> wrote:
>   > Hi, I had my wife's cousin help me with upgrading my laptop with windows
> 8.1
>   > to the free windows 10 upgrade.  The screen of the laptop is cracked, so
> he
>   > had to hook up the laptop to a digital tv using and H D M I cable.
>   >
>   > The update to windows 10 apparrently downloaded and he installed it.
>   >
>   > The computer was rebooted and now he does not know if the upgrade took
> to
>   > the laptop due to the H D M I drivers not being installed on the
> laptop.
>   >
>   > Any way I can figure out if the windows 10 update installed correctly,
> or do
>   > I need to go out and have the laptop's screen replaced?
>   >
>   > Thanks
>   >
>   > Keith
>   >

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