Re: Replacing the Micro SD Card on a Victor Reader

Carolyn Arnold

Oh, thanks.

I wonder why my reader says that it has 595 gb, yet it comes with 8. I have tried to transfer everything I could to my SD card.

Another thing. How does one know the life of an SD card?

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Carolyn, again they're referring to the internal microSD card, not the easily changeable SD card that anyone can replace with a different one.


On 12/5/17, Carolyn Arnold <> wrote:
As unsavvy as I am, I had no problem with the 32 SD card for the
Stream - just out with the four, in with the 32, VOILA! It's doing its
job. But, when I bought mine, Roger Behm explained in detail how to do that.

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I did that as well.

Make sure you follow his instructions to the letter as I didn't and
ended up needing to send mine to HW as I shorted out the WIFI chip.


When I got the Stream back from Humanware it took me 5 minutes to get
the new 32GB micro sd card inserted once I knew what I was doing.

The Stream wasn't under warranty and is working great.


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Hello Joe, I know a man that can replace the micro SD card on your
victor stream and also give you more internal memory.
His name is Konrad and here is is email address. <>

He can tell you anything you need to know and he is very good at what
he does.
I have two second generation streams and they both work well and I
24.4 gigs of memory and you can also do the updates normally
Give him a try and tell him Andy sent you.
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Out of nowhere, my second generation Victor Reader Stream decided to
stop powering on, or rather, it’ll get as far as “Welcome to
Victor...” before shutting down. A factory reset did not work, and
tech support said it would need to be sent in to have its micro SD
card replaced.

Does anyone have any idea how much this will cost? The tech support
guy was vague, only said it would be the least expensive of repairs,
but if the unit arrives and I refuse to pay for the fix, they’ll
charge me $95 as a maintenance fee.

Alternatively, does anyone know if this is something that can be fixed

The unit is a few months shy of five years old. It’s understandably
old, and while I am willing to pay for repairs, I would rather not pay
near original price. At that point I may as well replace it or get
something else.

And, please, no pointing out how I could just use my iPhone. I very
much prefer using a second device on account of longer battery and
tactile buttons. Yes, I’m a weird millennial.

Thanks for any help! And if you know of anyone selling their VRS,
please let me know this as well!


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