Re: Going into NVDA Menu without a modifyer Key?

Jeremy <icu8it2@...>

If it's how things used to be, there are certain keys who's control wont be fully given over to the operating system that's running in the virtual machine, the caps Lock key being one of those, unfortunately. You might also expect something similar from some of the f-keys too. I think when I last used fusion and JFW, JFW still gave the option to use alt as the modifier which worked okay, but I do know that using other operating systems/screenreaders that rely on Caps as the modifier, so speakup in a Linux console did give me issues there. If it were me and I were using fusion and still having the problem, I'd probably set it to use insert instead and do some key remapping, if necessary.
Take care.

On 12/7/2017 6:37 PM, Eleni Vamvakari wrote:
I don't know anything about the Mac, but I do know that you must use a
modifier key to get into the NVDA menu. You can use either capslock
or insert. I'm not sure why you couldn't use capslock normally,
though, as when you hit it by itself, it should work correctly.

On 07/12/2017, Sharon Hooley <> wrote:

‘m in the process of returning to Windows from my Mac, and I want to use the
capslock key permanently for NvdA. I am willing to sacrifice and not use it
on my Mac Book Air. I previously used Karabiner and Seil software to make
it work for both Windows and Mac OS. I decided I didn’t want to put stuff
on my disk that I could do without. So, with this in mind, is there a way
to go into the NVDA menu without a modifyer key?


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