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It's this neat little dongle-looking doodad that you connect to the back of your TV, somewhat similar to an Apple TV, but that is controlled a bit differently. When the device is connected and configured, you can send information to it from applications that are running on your mobile device, so Youtube, netflix, maybe Hulu, I can't remember, and plenty others and the CC will basically connect out to that service and bring it up on the TV it's connected to. It also has the ability to cast what's on the screen of your computer, if you're running chrome, but last I tried it, it wasn't as accessible so difficult to get working. My wife does it all the time though and absolutely loves it. Also note that the application you wish to cast from your mobile device doesn't necessarily need to be video in nature, I think Pandora and other similar music services also have the option, in which case you get the audio on your TV and some sort of pretty picture/wall paper thingy displayed on screen. I don't remember if you can set a picture of your own, I've not tried, but you should totally be able to set a wallpaper full of puppies and kitties, which is always better than some boring landscape crap. :P
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I’m sorry for my ignorance, but what is the Chromecast of which you speak?


Thanks Vicky


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The Google Home can play videos from Youtube and Netflix, however you need a Chromecast connected to a TV.

In other words you can't play the audio from Netflix or videos from Youtube with just the speaker.



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Does Google Home have any ability to play TV?
Many Thanks! Vicky 
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Thanks. Interesting and less complex than getting a separate Amazon device.
Best from,
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Sis Heather and Carolyn, something to keep in mind is this:
Google Home DOES NOT come to you talking automatically.  You have to
install the Google Home app on your smartphone of your choice, Android or
iOS, and set up shop.
Then you can use it thereafter to your heart's content.
'Ouch, don't you just love Google?  It always ROBS THE BANK on both sides
of the aisle:  Wish Apple could wake up from its slumber and smell the tea
as well!  
I personally don't have one presently; however, I've played with it at
friends' homes, and, yes, it's a nice toy!  I will suggest going for the
mini which is about $29 and change here and there.  The Google eBay store
had a coupon for $10 off for sometime, but I think the deal is off the
beating path now.
Ok, since I always interject sarcasm into my posts, don't forget to hide
one for me too under your Christmas tree.
I'll visit with Uncle Santa to pick it up when you're not watching.  make
it a fun-filling day, enjoy your new Google Home!
Denver, Colorado
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