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Joe Orozco

It’s one of the ones I was looking at. I’m honestly torn. I first
learned about the brand from a grant writing company’s blog I follow.
I’d heard of mechanical keyboard advantages, particularly for
non-gamers, but I’d never come across a Bluetooth model. I’m not sure
how much stock to put in user reviews. The Logitech keyboard model you
recommended featured something like 2.4 stars. I usually set my
threshold at 4 stars or better, depending on the total number of
reviews, but I respect your opinion and am still hovering between that
and the Microsoft 50/50 model. Anyway, thanks to anyone who may have
additional suggestions. I feel dumb purchasing an additional keyboard
for a laptop I already paid a handsome sum for, but although the
internals are fantastic, battery life superb, the keyboard is just
okay and not really conducive for long stretches of typing.


On 12/10/17, Aman Singer <> wrote:
Hi Joe,

Thanks for the pointer. In your first message, you mentioned that you had
found a keyboard to your liking but were hesitant because of the reviews. If
this is the one, then I agree with you. If this is another one, then I would
urge anyone to read the bad reviews before buying. The bad reviews for this
unit, unfortunately, are clear, deal with the board's function and not, for
example, its appearance or customer service, and deal with the basics of a
keyboard. People are getting multiple keypresses from one physical pressure
and others are getting no key presses when hitting a particular key. I would
avoid this one. Thanks again, Joe, for pointing it out, it's the only one
I've seen which is Bluetooth, by a known manufacturer, and mechanical.
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Hi Aman,

For a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, check this out as a possibility?
I'm going to look up the Logitech you recommended.

On 12/10/17, Aman Singer <> wrote:
Hi Mary,

Thanks very much for letting me know about the Bluetooth keyboard, I
will keep an eye out for it. If I may mention it, though, all, or at
least the vast majority, of keyboards, whether USB or Bluetooth, work
with Windows, Mac, iPhone, and most Android phones. The only issue is
that the keys are mislabeled, otherwise, there is no reason a Mac
keyboard won't work with Windows or why a Windows board won't work
with the Mac. To have a machine which works with both systems is more
or less standard, my understanding was that Joe wished to have a
switching model which he could use at the same time with his iOS device
and PC, which does narrow the choice a bit.

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Hi Amon,
I’m sorry, because I obviously missed the initial requirements for the
keyboard to be Bluetooth. My keyboard is not Bluetooth. It is USB. It
has no labels on the key caps, and when you plug it into a Mac, it works
When you plug it into a PC, it works there. I don’t know how they do
Das keyboard does make at least one Bluetooth keyboard, but it may
not be usable on both a Mac and a PC. And it is quiet. It has the
cherry brown switches. I know I have seen references to it. Sorry for
the fact that I missed the Bluetooth requirement

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On Dec 10, 2017, at 9:33 AM, Aman Singer <> wrote:

Hi Mary,

I'm sorry to disturb with this, I can't seem to find it after
searching amazon and google. Would you happen to have the model
number for the Das keyboard you mention below? I have been looking
for a mechanical bluetooth keyboard by a reputable manufacturer for
quite a while. I don't game, I just like the feel of the typing and
want to do it over Bluetooth. Even just putting " Das keyboard"
bluetooth gets me nothing on Google except for aftermarket
modifications, which I don't want. If you can tell us what this unit
is called, or where you bought it, I, for one, would be most grateful.

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Hi Joe,

Was the matias keyboard the same one that AT guys sells? I really
thought about that one but never bought it. Das keyboard makes a
wonderful keyboard that fits your requirements, except for the quiet
part. It is clicky. They make quiet ones, but I haven't seen one that
works for both pc and Mac. I'm using the clicky one to type this
message, and I absolutely love it, but if quiet is a big deal, then this
isn't for you.


On 12/9/2017 7:12 PM, Joe Orozco wrote:

Can anyone make recommendations for full Bluetooth keyboards for use
primarily with a PC laptop but also usable with iOS devices? I’m
looking for a quiet mechanical keyboard. I thought I’d found one by
Matias, but the user reviews aren’t convincing. Ideally, the arrow
keys will be offset, and the six-pack of keys will be included—Home,
End, Page Up, etc. I have an Apple keyboard but am looking for the
full keyboard with number pad. Any thoughts? Thank you kindly in


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