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personally, if you are going to get a pc involved, I would use a decent quality tape deck and feed it in to the line-in on your soundcard.

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I forget the name of it. But I got a USB tape player off of amazon for $20. I used it with audacity audio editor which is free and accessible to digitize all of my old tapes. Audacity can even take the old 4-track tapes and with some editing on your part you can turn each track of the 4 track cassette into its own mp3 file. I had to do this with the 2xl robot tapes that came with the 2xl robot toy.



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Hi All,


I have a friend that has been collecting old time radio shows since

1974. He wants to digitize all of his tapes. We went online to look at

cassette players that would allow tapes to be converted to MP3. Has

anyone used any of these players? If so, can you recommend one that is

accessible? I don't want to have him order one only to find that it is









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