Re: Conclusion of Wrestling with the Amazon Web Site

Allen West

I just got in from work and saw this post. I don't know what browser
you were using, but I find that when I use Chrome, I have a very hard
time with Amazon. IE works with no problem.


On 12/16/17, Dave <> wrote:

I will spare all of you the Rant, that I could so Easily Continue.

However, Gene had suggested I try a different Browser. Instead, I used
a different System, and this time used NVDA instead of JAWS 2018.

I was able to complete my order after about 45 minutes of dealing with
the same Pages as before, along with some new ones never seen before,
and a few Pop Up Amazon Ads.

My Word Amazon has a LOT of text and Links on every Page! Most of it
having little to do with what it is you are attempting to accomplish.

But, I survived to perhaps place another order on Amazon in the Future.

Someone suggested I may have had a improperly filled out the Order Form.
I will admit, Filling out Forms has Snagged me in the past, but not the
case this time.

I don't want to blame it on JAWS, but NVDA did read me more than I was
able to read with Jaws.

The first time, I was Struggling on Amazon's site that is to be Screen
Reader Friendly.
The second time, I logged into the site that everyone sees when they go

The Non-Screen Reader Friendly site.

And on the Non-Screen Reader Friendly pages, I was able to fill out what
was needed, choose the right choices and Pay for the order. Go Figure!

So, Gene, Thanks for the Help,

Grumpy Dave

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