requesting a bunch more games please.

goshawk on horseback

hello all,
have been looking at a couple of sites, and found a number of other VI games
that I would be rather interested in getting hold of. unfortunately, either
the sites for the actual games I am interested in are no longer working,
download/order links don't work, or something along those lines. so am
hoping some of you out there can help me get hold of some of these games
please. as well as by e-mail, I can take files via sendspace, dropbox, or
via skype.
now here is the list, it is quite a one this time.
Yukio Nozawa's World of war
Yukio Nozawa's Bokurano Daiboukenn 2
any of the PawloskiGames
any of the Speed of Sound Gaming ones
any of the Casey Mathews' Web Friendly Help Games
Steve Walmsley's Aurora
any of Munawar Bijani's BPC games
any of Claudio Zeni's Blue World Games
audio 3d maze, and crocadile dentist from braille soft, as pages to them
just gave 404 error every time.
Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder
Saber Duel
Leap of faith, Find the way out through the maze.
Fear of the Dark, Find the way out.
Way of the Blind Goose, Fight the enemy.
Rock 'n Ride, Drag racing game.
Supersonic, An arcade game where you avoid incoming enemies.
Audio Rumble, A boxing game.
Ghost driver, You and your drunk friend dodge oncoming cars before you
Bounty Hunter, You drive your vehicle, chasing a rare creature underground.
Fireman, Save people in a burning house.
Blind Rally, A Racing game.
Arcadium, A Retro Arcade Game.
Audio Joust, in which you take on the role of king Arthur's champion.
Big Cahuna, Catch all kinds of fish within the time limit.
Call of Duty - The Sound Experience.
FlySwatter, Swat all flies.
(Nameless), locked in a dungeon, with water rising, try to escape before you
Underwater, you command a submarine and explore the deep sea.
Windmill, You are chased by monsters and need to run to the Windmill.
Splatter, kill flies.
Fire Escape, get out of your burning house.
Maze game, (no more info available)
Zato, fight the yakuza gang as a blind samurai.
Audio version of frogger.
Jumpman, jump over cars.
Sonar, First person shooter.
Sightless, RPG game.
Tristan Bussiere's ACE Games
the Dragon Slayer Game,
Legend of the Green Dragon.
Tommy, Robin, and Lee's Dragon Slayer Games.
dueling swords
Bomb Stopper.
the 4 Nick Gawronski's Games, (if they were ever actually made available, as
last info is that they are in development, but the site has gone). the
titles are:
boating week, shoot out, doctor newnew, and mudbot.
Simon Cowan's fast and loose
Armadillo Army
Termite torpedo.
from James Dietz's Conspirasoft Entertainment. duck hunter
from Peter Laursen's TDL Games. space colony cleaner

thanks in advance for any help received.


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