Re: App Store


Other than voiceOver Practice, are there other tutorials for learning
the on screen keyboard and the touch screen?



On 10/29/15, Jeremy <> wrote:
One thing to always keep in mind, with pretty much anything on IOS is to
remember the pattern that certain applications use on the display. Once
you get used to how your favorite apps lay things out on the screen,
you'll eventually be able to place your finger directly on the sweet
spot, without having to use explore by touch, in most cases. Just as an
example, using the app store, this is how I'd search and download an app.

On first launching the application, it takes me to the featured screen,
so I want to quickly jump to the search tab, which is there at the
bottom, so I locate it by placing my finger just slightly left of the
bottom right corner of my phone's display. Once I double tap on the
search tab, I know, that the search field is always placed at the top of
the screen, so I can then lift and place my finger just slightly down
from the top edge of the screen, which is also bordered by the edges of
my case that I have on my phone. Once VO tells me that I've got my
finger on the search field, double tapping it lets me begin to enter
text there. I know that in pretty much all circumstances, the keyboard
will always pop up and take up space there on the bottom half of the
screen, so I've just remembered roughly where the top roe of characters
should begin. Once I type out what I want, I can either hit the search
button on the bottom right of the keyboard, or the search button that's
to the right of the search field. Also keep in mind that there's a clear
button to the right of the search field too, in case you want to delete
the text in it.

On 10/29/2015 1:30 PM, Victor wrote:
I'm starting to make some headway with the app store using various
methods..I've managed to download a couple of apps. Thank you all for
your help with this.


On 10/29/15, A.Mac <> wrote:
hi, you can tell Siri to download the apps you want.
you just say, e.g find avg on app store, and siri will search for all
you can change avg to any thing you want, but this is how i do it.
tanks for your time in advance.

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