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Robin Frost

You don't need access necessarily to your email associated with Amazon. You can always if you've access to a browser log into your account on their site go to your orders and track it there.
Amazon uses many different major couriers and regional couriers as well as their own amazon amzl courier service whose tracking numbers start with tba and often fail in most package tracking apps for smart devices.
It would be nice if for an added fee they'd let you select the courier of your choosing but alas they do not.
Good luck I hope your package arrives safely.

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Hi Peter,

I forgot to mention that I don't have access to the e-mail address associated with my account at this time, otherwise I'd do what you suggested. I thought about calling both UPS and Fed-Ex and see if they could look and see if they're deliverring a package to me even though I don't have a tracking number but I didn't know if that would work. It's an Amazon echo that I bought so I highly doubt that the postal service will bring it.

I have told my neighbor to be on the lookout, but we also have workers at the house remodeling it and I'd rather that the package not be delivered in case the neighbor misses it since there will be strangers there.


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On Dec 20, 2017, at 8:58 AM, Peter Spitz <> wrote:


In my experience, Amazon uses primarily the USPS and UPS to deliver
with a little bit of FedEx. The best thing to do is to look at your
orders and find the Track Package button, that will take you to a page
where it will show exactly who is delivering the package and may even
have an option to contact the carrier. HTH Peter

On 12/20/17, Troy Burnham <> wrote:
Hi all,

Does anybody know what service uses to deliver packages? I'm due
to receive a package tomorrow that I bought from, but I'll be out
of town tomorrow so I want to call the delivery service and see if the
package can be held for me and I can go pick it up when I return home
instead of it being delivered and possibly be laying in plain sight all



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