Re: I am being given google home for Christmas.

Jim Rawls

Heather, this full of good information, and I thank you for this. Jim


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I have a google home for now but, it does not do as much as the echo. I am going to exchange it for the mini which does the same thing as the home but is smaller and more portable. It charges by usb power so I can attach it to my battery pack and not be stationary. She is highly naturally responsive than the echo. She does not have all the items that the echo has but, I like having google interaction vurses echo who sounds so artificial. Okay, your smart phone has an app called the “google home,” and it will help you set your device up with your google account. So I advise you to put your contacts in the google account so you can make calls. It will connect all your music service accounts that your subscribed too like Pandora. She has the ability to have separate voice prints so she know is speaking to her, it can be a little tricky to set up and she does not always get it the first or second time when you train her.  Now if you want to add services to your google home check this site out:

So I gather it will read mail, post off facebook and twitter and if you have the light switch, it will control them. Now if you want to attach speakers or anything else you have to use Chromecast check it out this site:,news-17637.html

If you just need the basic, I think Walmart has one for 20 dollars and google has it for 35. This is a promotional and after the holidays the prices will go back up.  You can use the app off the phone to set this up as well. I currently do not have a Chromecast yet so I cant tell you how this works. If you had an echo, it will not be quite as skill oriented and I myself have not found a site with all her add features, which really sucks. Enjoy your google home, cheers. Heather



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Subject: [TechTalk] I am being given google home for Christmas.


If any of you have google home, I would like t to hear from you. What can you do with it, and is it hard to use, and thirdly, is it easy to set up. If you want me to write me off list, my email address is,


Thanks for your input. Jim



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