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heather albright

Well, if you have a wipe, you can clean it!  They have wipes that do not have alcohol in them and their made for cleaning electronics, the name exscapes me right now!  Also, get a can of conpressed air to get the dust off!  I use air to clean my laptop and keyboards!  IT is good to make sure your fans are dust free and if you are adventurous or know anyone who can, get a cleaning kit for a computer or small vacuum to clean the inside of your desktop!  I would not do this with the laptop, just use the air to get where the fans are to make sure the dust is cleared!

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I have a question for you and or anyone else who might be able to answer. How could one clean their keyboard instead of buying new? My keyboard works fine but it probably could stand a good cleaning.

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I think we all can hear the frustration in your post, so maybe here's a
few things that may help out a bit.

1. When you get a call center rep you can't understand, tell them you
can't understand them and you want another rep. I do it all the time
and it works. Sometimes they try to insist on helping. Just keep saying
I can't understan you please transfer me to another  rep. It works.

2. I'm not sure if you called the Microsoft accessibility support
number or not. I just used them last week and there was no problems.
Don't get me wrong, I still waited 25 minutes to get a rep, but that's
to be expected.
Here's the number: 1–800-936–5900

3. If your talking about laptop keys sticking, then you should know
they sell the little rubber bouncy things that are seated underneath
the keys on ebay and other sites. They sell replacement keys with the
mounting ring and the little rubber bouncy thing for about 4 bucks a piece.


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