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The slim version hasn't had bundled programs in the past.  I'm not saying that applies to the present version but, as I said, it never has previously.

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Hi Gerald,
I can't answer your question about the differences between Slim & portable, but I just downloaded the Portable 5.38 version with the link below.  After clicking the link below, & the page is loaded, press the letter, H, to navigate by heading 5 times to get to the Portable versions heading, then arrow down to get to the download link.
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Subject: [TechTalk] Downloading CCleaner

I visited the Piriform Builds site to download the portable version of CCleaner 5.38 so that I could avoid any possibility of surreptitiously installing Avast as well.  But when I activated the download link under the heading for CCleaner Portable, I was taken to the page for the standard version of CCleaner instead of initiating the file download.  And once I was on the page for the standard version, I figured that if I initiated the download, I might get stuck with Avast, so I closed the page and said the heck with it.  But under the CCleaner Portable heading is a heading for CCleaner Slim.  So my question is this:  Will downloading CCleaner Slim avoid installing Avast?  And what is the difference between the Portable and Slim versions?  Thanks.

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