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Try Alt+W to open up the main Winamp window. Then these keystrokes should work that you speak of.


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Ok then, yes sorry you are right.

Thanks for the spot light and for putting me in my place there. Smile

I will stop and think before I ask something.

That made me feel  stupid. But thanks for explaining it to me. Smile

I will try to do what you suggested

By any chance and forgive me again if I am not clear or correct but how can I make winamp paus the song by pressing the space bar?

And how can I make the song that is playing move forward and packwards?

Her is what I use to do and it worked…

Pressing the letter b would move the to the next song

Pressing x would go back a song

Pressing the space bar would pause



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That's a completely different question.  You want to know not how to play a folder but how to make Winamp play continuously in a folder. 


Open preferences, control p.

Press home.

Then Down arrow a few times until you get to playlist.

Tab until you get to a check box that says

Manual playlist advance

Uncheck it with the space bar.  Press escape.


You are now in the main window and folders or any other playlist will play as expected.



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Hi all

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates this fine day!


Well I am slowly getting my programs together.

Still having issues with skype and signing in but oh well.

I want to know the following please.

-how to make win amp play an entire folder

I use to use the key alt, f and P and it would play.

-how does win amp keep playing my folder instead of stopping after each song?


E mail:

When sending a new e mail jaws is not completing the address, it does not even show up and it is in my contacts.

For example I have to manually type each address out.

When I first got windows 10 I had to type the address for this group manually once or reply to someone so that it could remember who I want.

I did the key F3 where my contacts are and all my address are there.

Why do they not show up when I start a new e mail?


-How do I get jaws to announce “delete” when deleting an e mail?


Thank you so much for your patience, kindness and for not letting me feel alone during this transition to windows 10

Thanks again


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