Winamp Keystrokes


Here are a list of keystrokes for Winamp.


Use the following hot keys in the WinAmp main window:

To toggle the status of the WinAmpmain window,  press Alt+W.

To open/close the equalizer, press Alt+G.

To open/close the library, press Alt+L.

To open/close the play list editor, press Alt+E.

To open/close the video window, press Alt+V.

To disable the mini browser, press Alt+T.

To move between open windows within Winamp, press Control+Tab.

To jump to the relative time, press Alt+Shift+J.

To repeat the move to the last relative time, press Alt+J.

To speak the status of the shuffle and repeat modes, press Alt+Shift+S.

To speak the statuses of all WinAmp windows, press Shift+JAWSKey+W.


Playback commands:

To play/Restart, press X,

To pause/Resume the current track, press C,

To rewind by  5 seconds, press LEFT ARROW,

To fast forward by 5 seconds, press RIGHT ARROW,

To stop the current track, press V,

To stop the current track with Fade-out, press SHIFT+V,

To stop after the current track, press CTRL+V,

To play the next Track, press B,

To play the previous Track, press Z,

To move to the first track in the list, press CTRL+Z,

To move to the last track in the list, press CTRL+B,

To move Ten Songs Back, turn on NUMLOCK and press NUMPAD 1,

To move Ten Songs Forward, turn on NUMLOCK and pres NUMPAD 3,

To move to a time in the current track, press CTRL+J,

To move to a file, press J,


To increase the volume, press UP ARROW,

To decrease the volume, press DOWN ARROW,

To set the volume to 0%, press ALT+CTRL+M,

To set the volume to 33%, press ALT+CTRL+COMMA,

To set the volume to  66%, press ALT+CTRL+PERIOD,

To set the volume to 100%, press ALT+CTRL+SLASH,


To pan 100% left, press ALT+CTRL+H,

To pan 50% left, press ALT+CTRL+J,

To center sound, press ALT+CTRL+K,

To pan 50% right, press ALT+CTRL+L,

To pan 100% right, press ALT+CTRL+SEMI COLON,


To toggle Repeat mode, press R,

To toggle Shuffle mode, press S,


Play commands:

To open and play a File, press L,

To open and play a location, press CTRL+L,

To open and play a directory, press SHIFT+L,


Bookmark commands:

To add a bookmark, press ALT+I,

To edit bookmarks (Go to Bookmark preferences), press ALT+CTRL+i,


Visualization commands:

To go to built-in visualization options, press ALT+O,

To configure the current visualization plug-in, press ALT+K,

To start/stop the current visualization plug-in, press CTRL+SHIFT+K,

To open the Visualization page of the Preferences dialog, press CTRL+K,


Other commands:

View/Edit Track Info, Alt+3


To open WinAmp help, press F1,

To open the skin selection dialogue, press ALT+S,

To open to Main Menu, press ALT+F,

To go to WinAmp preferences, press CTRL+P,


To toggle Always-On-Top (all but Playlist Editor), press CTRL+A,

To toggle the Windowshade mode, press CTRL+W,

To toggle Double size Mode, press  CTRL+D,

To toggle Easy move, press CTRL+E,

To start a new instance of WinAmp, press ALT+CTRL+N,


Time marker commands:

To set a time marker, press M.

To jump to a specific time marker, press Alt+Shift+M.

To remove a time marker, press Control+Shift+M.

To import/export time markers, press Control+Alt+Shift+M.

Current Track commands:

To toggle the time display, press Control+T.

To speak the length of the current track, press Control+JAWSKey+T.

To speak the elapsed time, press Alt+Shift+T.

To speak the time remaining, press Control+Shift+T.

To review the end of the current track, press Alt+R.

To select the review time, press Control+JAWSKey+R.

To speak the current track title, press Alt+Control+T.

To show current track info in the virtual viewer, press JAWSKey+Shift+T.


The following keystrokes may be useful in the play list editor:

To open an existing play list, press CTRL+O,

To clear the currently loaded play list and load a New empty playlist, press CTRL+N,

To save the playlist, press CTRL+S,


To add aFile to the playlist, press L,

To add aLocation to the playlist, CTRL+L,

To add a directory to the playlist, press SHIFT+L,


To remove a File from the playlist, press DELETE,

To crop the playlist,  press CTRL+DELETE,

To Clear the playlist, press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE,

To remove any non-existent tracks, press ALT+DELETE,


To invert the Selection, press CTRL+I,

To move the selection to the current track, press ALT+CTRL+DOWN ARROW,

To move the selected track down, press ALT+DOWN ARROW,

To move the selected track up, press ALT+UP ARROW,

To edit the track file name, press CTRL+E,


To set stop marker on current track, press CTRL+SHIFT+V,

To announce location of stop marker(any window), press ALT+CTRL+V,

To clear stop marker(any window), press ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+V,

To announce status of stop after current track Mode (any window), press ALT+CTRL+S,

To resume playing after stop marker (any window), press F12,


To play the selected track, press ENTER,


To sort by title, press CTRL+SHIFT+1,

To sort by file name, press CTRL+SHIFT+2,

To sort by file path and name, press CTRL+SHIFT+3,

To reverse the play list, press CTRL+R,

To randomize the play list, press CTRL+SHIFT+R,


To create an HTML page from the play list, press  ALT+CTRL+G,

To toggle Always-On-Top (Playlist Editor), press ALT+CTRL+A


Use the following hot keys in the WinAmp Equalizer:

To open/close the equalizer, press Alt+G.

To enable/disable the equalizer after it is opened, press N.

To toggle equalizer auto-loading, press A.

To open the presets menu, press S.


To increase the equalizer bands, press 1 through 0 on Numeric Row.

To decrease the equalizer bands, press Q through P.

To increase the equalizer  PreAmp, press GRAVE ACCENT.

To decrease the equalizer PreAmp, press TAB.

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