Facebook as the cyber mafia

Jeffrey Schwartz

When I was a kid, we spent all of our free time outdoors playing sports and such.  I was luckier than most since I had decent vision until I was twenty.  Kids now spend about eight hours a day on their computers.  The worst culprit is that mafia Facebook.  Young ones are bullied literally to death.  Kids can be the most malicious creatures on earth.  There is always a victim, and  they go straight home to see what malicious things their “friends” have to say about them.  The sad ones kill themselves as a result.  Try to find help for the blind and physically disabled and they will kill you with tons of written garbage, but a phone number doesn’t exist.  I never thought of joining but the RPlist has a book discussion group there. They are making enough money to support some phone help for those  who really need it.  I spent five years post college to get a Ph.D., but cannot as a result of my numerous disabilities sign up for this criminal enterprise.

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