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Walter Ramage

Hi Tom.  I’ve already tried that but when I do, the edit box shows the name of the drive, I can’t change the drive letter position using that method.  Thanks for the suggestion though.  Walter.


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Press F2 and type in the name you want to call the drive. Then when you go there, you just need to press the first letter of that name.



Thomas Spittle


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Hi all.  I've just had a complete re-install of my PC.  Prior to the work being done when I went to "my computer" I could find the external drive by first letter navigation.  So if I wanted backup 1 I simply pressed the letter b.  The drive letters always showed after the drive name but now all my drives have the drive letters before the drive name so rather than "backup1(e)" I now get "(E)backup1."  Does anybody know how to get the drive letters to show after the drive name please.  This will make navigation much easier.  Walter.


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