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I agree with all of Ann's points and would add, I use it to read all
of my paper text like snail mail. It can also scan a graphic like a
magazine cover and grab the text out of it really well.

There's also a subscription service for about $20 a month that
includes DocuScan.


On 1/5/18, Ann Parsons <> wrote:
Hi all,

You asked what advantages DocuScan Plus has over Adobe? Well, there
are several.

First, it is more accurate than Adobe, giving fewer errors, and
formatting material so that it can be read properly.

Second, it is sometimes even better than Kurzie, especially with
colored paper. I got a letter from a doctor once and I first tried to
scan it with Kurzie, and it failed miserably! I tried DocuScan Plus
and it came up singing. When I asked my reader what was unusual about
the letter, she explained that it had been written on pink paper!

Third, your stuff is saved in the cloud unless you specify. This
allows you to retrieve it from any computer.

Fourth, it has some nice features like conversion to audio, conversion
to DAISY, emailing the document, and so on.

Finally, for approx. $350.00, a third of the price of Kurzie, you've
got an OCR program that is excellent, a .pdf reader that is reliable,
and it has several good features which I like. I get weekly
newsletters in .pdf. they come up singing every time.

Those are the reasons why I like DocuScan Plus. Oh, I think it also
works with cameras for scanning, not sure, though, you can check it out.

Ann P.

Original message:
Hi Ann,

What advantages does Docuscan have over Adobe PDF?

On 1/4/2018 8:22 PM, Ann Parsons wrote:
Hi all,
Actually there is a very good reason why this question is asked. There
are times when you do not want to open a file with the default
program. Case and point. Adobe Reader isn't worth the paper it's
printed on whereas Docuscan Plus is fantastic. So, when I'm asked
whether I want to open a PDF with Adobe I always say no, and choose
the program I really want.
Ann P.

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